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An American Pakistani, and a professional eCommerce entrepreneur who has been working in the industry for the past 2 decades. He has an extensive hands-on experience working in several eCommerce international markets. Living in the US for 15 years, he decided to put his vast pool of knowledge and skills for the betterment of his country.

An International entrepreneur

Faisal Azhar is known as the ‘eCommerce Guru,’ an expert with proficiency in handling some of the biggest marketing and strategic planning ventures. He exhibits outstanding endeavours that have rightfully earned him this name in the eCommerce markets around the globe. His insights are on point and he brainstorms spectacular ideas for agile and efficient eCommerce growth. A zealous person, he’s always ahead of others in getting things done with his brilliance and ingenuity, leading a combined and progressive growth towards his goals.

Influential Motivation for entrepreneurs of pakistan

Being an expert strategist in project planning, Faisal Azhar holds a plethora of knowledge regarding building foundations for any business. A humble being, Faisal Azhar is down to earth even after achieving numerous milestones. He’s dedicated to vesting the people of Pakistan, particularly the youth, in establishing their businesses and work as entrepreneurs.

His years of experience in handling complex projects for international clients makes him one of the leading brains to confer with in terms of project planning. Co-founding Enablers coincides with his vision of sharing his knowledge and seeing his country progress in the same or perhaps better than the rest of the world.

The Vision of making pakistan an ecommerce hub

Faisal Azhar aims to create opportunities for eCommerce growth in The Pakistan that would allow sellers to access international markets. He’s dedicated his extensive years of knowledge to designing and perfecting the services offered by Enablers. The organization intends to create 2 million jobs while adding 50 million to international exports for which Faisal Azhar is leaving no stones unturned. Faisal Azhar shares his extensive experiences and knowledge, taking the stage and capturing the audience captivatingly

Boosting Economic Advancements

Enablers envisions boosting the economy by increasing exports via eCommerce. Faisal Azhar ensures to extensively elaborate the benefits of eCommerce while speaking in seminars. His insights and command of digital marketing are highly proficient, making him the keystone for convincing people to join Enablers and become successful eCommerce professionals. He shares the vision of creating a sustainable way of fostering economic growth via local sourcing and international selling.

Enabling a digital pakistan

The lack of innovation and the fear of failure is one of the most crucial factors behind the poor progress of Pakistan in international eCommerce markets. Faisal Azhar is doing his utmost to motivate the people in taking the step towards a digital future by venturing with Enablers. He never hesitates to share his experiences or knowledge but welcomes everyone to share his vision for progressing towards a digitally developed Pakistan.